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Hoist Elevators in Orlando

hoist elevatorsWhen construction companies in Florida need hoist elevators, they call the heavy equipment experts at Sims Crane & Equipment.  We’re a family-owned and -operated company in Florida that offers crane, boom lift, forklift, and hoisting equipment rentals, equipment service and repair, heavy hauling and machinery moving, lift planning, and more from 13 offices that are strategically located throughout the state. 

Sims Crane & Equipment has an exceptional selection of hoisting equipment, including elevators, debris chutes, and more, from the top manufacturers in the world, and we have a team of specialized NCCCO certified riggers and operators with the skills needed to properly assemble, inspect, and operate various types of construction elevators on job sites located across Florida such as the following cities and more:

  • Orlando, Daytona Beach and the rest of the Space Coast
  • Mulberry, Tampa, Sarasota and Ft. Myers
  • Ocala, Tallahassee and Jacksonville
  • Miami, Vero Beach and West Palm Beach

The open-air hoist elevators that are available from Sims Crane & Equipment attach to buildings and other structures and are typically used to transport personnel and materials faster and more efficiently to upper floors. Our Sim Crane YouTube Channel features a video of our team topping out one of our dual buck hoist elevators in Sarasota, Florida on a Sarasota Memorial Regional Hospital construction project.

At Sims Crane & Equipment, we also have the expertise and heavy hauling equipment, including tower cranes modular transports and 13 axle perimeter trailers, to safely transport and move heavy industrial machinery and delicate medical equipment weighing hundreds of thousands of pounds into and out of facilities.

We offer free quotes on our rental equipment and services, such as mobile and tower crane rentals, hoist elevators, heavy hauling, and specialized rigging. Contact one of our Sims Crane & Equipment associates today to schedule a free on-site evaluation for your upcoming projects in Orlando or elsewhere throughout the state.   

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