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Lifting Equipment for Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Naples, Ft. Lauderdale, Tallahassee & Surrounding Areas

Lifting EquipmentThere’s more to consider when you look for lifting equipment for your project than simply choosing a lift with a long enough boom length. When you need to rent a lift, why not take advantage of the lift planning experts at Sims Crane & Equipment? They know the important factors that come into play with lifting equipment and will provide an on-site consultation to help determine which equipment will best suit your particular project. They will consider a number of criteria, such as the job-site elevation, the number of people who will work on the platform, maximum ground bearing pressure and more, before making recommendations.

Sims Crane & Equipment offers a variety of options and services to you when you rent a lift. You have the option of selecting a lifting equipment rental with or without an operator. Our optional Sims Rental Protection Plan is also available on rental equipment, because the last thing you need at the end of a rental period are equipment damage charges. This plan is a basic loss and damage waiver that covers incidental damage from minor wear and tear that can occur during safe and normal working conditions. When you rent cranes and lifting equipment from Sims Crane & Equipment, other benefits and options are available to you. These include the following and more:

  • Safety education and training
  • Daily, weekly and monthly rental periods
  • Rent with or without fuel
  • 24-hour scheduling
  • Money-saving Flex Time Rates
  • 24/7 emergency service and repair

Safety, health and reducing the environmental impact of construction projects in Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Naples, Ft. Lauderdale, Tallahassee and surrounding areas are integrated in everything we do at Sims Crane & Equipment. Our Safety Management System includes lifting equipment inspection and selection, lift planning, personnel training and performance monitoring and is one our most valued services. Each member of our staff is personally accountable for their own safety, as well as yours. Contact us today to rent a lift or learn more about how we can help make your project a safety success.

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