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Coronavirus COVID-19

Like many of you, Sims Crane & Equipment is actively monitoring the latest updates and information about the global COVID-19 outbreak. We are following the guidance of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization, and are continuously assessing our continuity plans to align with both local and federal guidelines. We are here to support both our employees and our customers. While we do not foresee any disruption to our business or capabilities at this time, we want to ensure we continue to serve our customers in the safest way possible.

Currently we have made significant changes to our standard operating procedures both for our own employees as well as our customers. Sims is dedicated to preserving the health of our employees, our customers and our communities. As we all continue to weather this storm, we want to share some of the below changes that are in place to safeguard us all.

  1. Until further notice none of our locations are accepting visitors or vendors without pre-authorization.
  2. All employees, visitors, vendors reporting to a Sims location are required to wear face coverings and gloves at all times and maintain social distancing measures while on property. (Please click here to read the letter to Vendor Partners)
  3. All non-essential employees are working remotely from home.
  4. For those essential employees required to report to Sims locations the following applies:
    1. We are strictly adhering to social distancing guidelines.
    2. We are reducing the number of people allowed in confined spaces.
    3. We are regularly disinfecting touch surfaces as well as requiring the use of gloves in any application where others might have contact with surfaces, tools, etc.
    4. Wherever possible we are utilizing technology (phones, Webchat, email, etc.) to communicate.
    5. We have asked that when not at work all of our employees following social distancing guidelines as well as conform with both local and federal, CDC, and/or WHO guidelines to safeguard themselves and prevent transmission of COVID-19 back to other employees, customers or our communities.
  5. While on job sites working, the following applies:
    1. All unnecessary ride sharing has been suspended.
    2. Social distancing rules apply to all job sites and crews.
    3. Should any employee come in contact with another sick person, or should they be exposed to a potential situation, they must notify their branch manager immediately for review.
    4. If on a job site requiring radio communication, no Sims employee is to accept a radio from another person unless they can verify that the radio has been wiped down and disinfected prior to accepting it. Should this not be possible, management will work with our customers toward a safe solution.
    5. All requirements for customer signatures have been waived and replaced by other forms of technological acceptance through email and/or text.
  6. Should any employee come in contact with another sick person, or should they be exposed to a potential situation, they must notify their branch manager immediately for review.
    1. If a Sims employee is exposed via a job site, Sims will request that the employee be quarantined until the affected person is tested.
    2. Sims will not provide or expose a second employee to the job site until the job site has been cleared and/or the suspected person has tested negative for COVID-19.

We value your patronage, so let us know how we can best help you by contacting our location closest to you.


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